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Dating of rock art

Rock Art Dating Story on ABC's 7.30 Report November 2015

Dating of rock art

The pioneering work of the late Dr Walshin particular, together with his books on aboriginal art, helped to raise the profile of Australia's ancient art throughout the world. As a result, we have tried to avoid dating of rock art of Dr Walsh's lexicon of terms in this article, preferring to use the term "Gwion", instead. We have however prepared a separate article on "Bradshaw Rock Paintings", using Dr Walsh's classification and terminology.

Finally, we note in passing that, despite Walsh's international reputation as one of the leading authorities on aboriginal art, Wikipedia has been unable to compile a biography of him.

PDF, The methods for estimating the antiquity of rock art are reviewed critically, dividing them into traditional and scientific approaches. Rock Art Dating Rock Art Dating Rock Art • The major methodological limitation in rock art studies is that rock art sites can be notoriously difficult to date.