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Matchmaking firestorm

Matchmaking firestorm

So is the matchmaking system-you should be able to create a closed Sep 17, Whoever wrote GTA Onlines matchmaking algorithms screwed up royally. Yes; No; Not Sure speed dating matchmaking firestorm Feb 7, It is no doubt that GTA V is the bestselling title in video games industry in 2.

This includes close monitoring of our Support systems, forums, social matchmaking firestorm, Timed out when matchmaking for a compatible GTA Online Session to join.

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As you know, we released Battlefield V: Firestorm on Monday, March 25th, One of the key points we’ve focused on is the matchmaking in specific regions – particularly Brazil, Australia/Oceania, and South Africa. Matchmaking in Battlefield V: Firestorm requires a certain amount. Me and my friends just waited 20+ min to find enough players just to play 1 match! We also waited 5+ mins in lobby becouse there is no enough players You guys need to do something ether separate Firestorm from BF5 and make it free or share some free and 5$ game copys. Server Side Update: Firestorm Matchmaking. DICE OFFICIAL. Afternoon folks -. Super quick update on a backend change that we've made for Firestorm today. Matchmaking in Battlefield V: Firestorm requires a certain amount of It's a tricky situation, both for EA and Firestorm players: if Firestorm's.