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Dating turkey customs

Dating turkey customs

A written declaration between Department of Defense-sponsored personnel and the Turkish government, beyanname provides customs control of certain personal items brought into the country. Also, beyanname is designed to reduce black marketing of items produced by the country's developing industries and is required by the Turkish government because DoD-sponsored personnel don't pay customs duties on personal items shipped here.

When household goods or unaccompanied baggage shipments arrive on base, a Turkish Customs officer will fill out beyanname paperwork and list all items when dating turkey customs shipment is delivered. In order to avoid Beyanname fees when keeping goods in Turkey past an original DEROS, individuals extending their tours should provide the Traffic Management Office Customs Liaison Office with a copy of the date eligible for return from overseas verification letter.

When preparing to leave Incirlik, members should also be dating turkey customs of items that cannot be taken out of Turkey, primarily antiquities. Doing so will increase the likelihood of a smooth move out of Turkey," said Mr.

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