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Dating lake deposits

Dating lake deposits

Although the drainage of these ice-dammed lakes may form a good analogue for modern processes, the lack of direct constraints on the physiographic configuration and temporal evolution of these lakes limits our understanding of the timing and climate impact of these final meltwater pulses. Here we applied cosmogenic 10Be dating to raised boulder shorelines belonging to Lake Naskaupi, one of the largest glacial lakes in northern Quebec and Labrador.

We reconstructed the lake extent and meltwater volume, as well as its lake-level history by systematic mapping of geomorphic features. In addition, we dated five boulders belonging dating lake deposits a large-scale outburst flood deposit recording the abrupt drainage of the lake.

The ages from the shorelines are indistinguishable from those of the outburst flood deposit, suggesting that Lake Naskaupi existed for a relatively short time span.

PDF, The presented results concern the first attempt of OSL dating of glaciofluvial sediments from Słupsk Bank and ice marginal lake deposits occurring on the sea bed between the Słupsk Bank and the Polish coast. Dating was applied to 22 samples of sandy-gravelly sediments from 2.

Lake sediments probably constitute the best site for amino acid racemization dating: almost all beds contain fossil remains (invertebrates, vertebrates or plants ).