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Lloyd and d woods dating

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Lloyd and d woods dating

Appellant noted that there were no witnesses to his fall, that he told his supervisor of the trip and fall when he returned to the office, that he declined her invitation to go to the clinic because the only apparent problem was an lloyd and d woods dating on his shin, and that the problem with his hip did not start until almost a week later.

Appellant continued that, after a couple of weeks of no improvement with icing and stretching exercises, he realized that his hip condition must have been from the fall, that he talked to his supervisor and followed her advice to have it examined, that bursitis was diagnosed, that he did not require light duty or time off, and that his hip had improved but not completely healed, with his doctor recommending physical therapy.

Woods diagnosed trochanteric bursitis to the left hip. The case will be remanded to the Office for consideration of this request, and the evidence accompanying it, under the proper standard.