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How does dating around tv show work

How does dating around tv show work

Viewers learned how to clean up their homes in Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, how to laugh at their disastrous kitchen creations in Nailed It! Now, viewers are learning how to navigate through today's modern dating scene in Dating Around. Released just in time for Valentine's Day weekend, Netflix's latest venture into dating reality television has fans obsessed and digging into every detail, including when Dating Around was filmed.

Executive producers Chris Culvenor, Paul Franklin, and Alycia Rossiter wanted their How does dating around tv show work Original to give viewers a taste of an authentic dating experience in New York City, one that didn't make it into a competition with a proposal at the end.

It's an easy, no strings attached, dating show. That being said, the hard part of Dating Around was finding the right people to be involved. Netflix on YouTube Dating Around was first pitched in the fall ofafter Culvenor and Franklin decided they wanted to focus on modern dating.

Instead, viewers get to see real people experiencing real dates — no matter how awkward or exciting.