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Jon hamm dating january jones

Jon hamm dating january jones

The actress starred in Jon hamm dating january Menkissed Jon Hamm many times on screen while on the show, and, of course, maintains one of the most highly-regarded comedy Instagram accounts of all time. The one thing Jones doesn't have? In a recent interview with Yahoo LifestyleJones — who now stars in The Last Man On Earth but is on record as an ardent reality TV stan — revealed that for her 40th birthday earlier this year, she wanted nothing more than to have a party at Pump.

Advertisement But Jones' dreams were dashed when, apparently, she tried to place a reservation and not a single Pump employee bothered to get back to her. I called back again, no response,'" Jones said. But, in true reality TV style, Jones made sure to have her revenge. Of course, anyone who watches Vanderpump Rules may suspect that this is less a case of Jones being snubbed than it is a case of the people who work at Pump being more concerned with appearing on reality television than they are with actually doing january jones jobs.

Either way, stay tuned to see how Vanderpump decides to make amends with Jones.

While their on-screen characters are known to be miserable in each other's destructive companies, 'Mad Men' couple Jon Hamm and January. to be the case for Mad Men co-stars Jon Hamm and January Jones. RELATED: Is Chris Pratt Dating Arnold Schwarzenegger's Daughter. We've heard rumors and whispers of who Jon Hamm and January Jones are dating, but never anything concrete. Could that be because the.