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Dating memes for her family

Date My Family (Seduction Edition)

Dating memes for her family

By Tayi Sanusi Nov 20, If you've ever been in a serious relationship, chances are you ended up spending some time with your partner's family. Depending on how close to their family you lived or if they were particularly tight-knit, you may have ended up bonding with them pretty hardcore. If things go south, could keeping in touch with your ex's family ever be OK? Does dating decorum require you to cut the cord on them if you and your partner decide to go your separate ways?

When pondering the appropriate steps to take post breakup in regards to your ex's family, it's important to examine your motives for doing so. If you and your ex grew up together in the same small town and their mom was like a second mom to you, then this is a situation where there is obviously a personal connection that would still be there regardless of if you and had broke things off with your boo.

Yes, If You Had An Existing Relationship Prior To Dating Your Ex Giphy In my opinion, if, for example, you were good friends with your ex's sibling long before you family dating them — assuming you didn't cheat or treat for her badly — then tis is another situation where it's totally acceptable to remain in contact. Getting back together is between you and your ex," says Greene.